A Lifetime of Knowledge and Experience

Comfort & Security for Elders 

A prime example of the Business of Life is planning, implementing and managing elder care, which is difficult and time-consuming.

My professional and personal life experience is central to my ability to ease the strain of providing elder care for your loved ones.

During my Wall Street career I advised countless families on life and investment decisions, which often involved decisions on elder care.

As founder of an elder care agency, I also have specific industry knowledge and experience providing for the comfort and security of elders.

As a pharmacy technician in the United States Air Force for four years, I frequently witnessed the difficulties faced by elders and their families when dealing with health care and lifestyle issues.

Personally, in the middle of my career I assumed financial responsibility and caregiving oversight for both my Mother and older brother.  This necessitated making career and lifestyle changes for a period of 14 years.  

I thoroughly understand the responsibilities of elder care from all aspects.  



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