A Lifetime of Knowledge and Experience

Lady as Head of Her Family

The extreme difficulty associated with managing the demands of both a business and a family make it necessary to consider a customized service to help you seemlessly accomplish this dual mission.

With a lifetime of knowledge and experience I am a valuable advisor to a professional woman managing the dual responsibilities of business and family.

My personal and professional experience has ideally prepared me to help design a suite of services addressing the unique circumstances faced by professional women today.

Personally, my mother Mary was at the vanguard of professional women in the workforce in the United States.  Mary was the primary earner for our family, while also managing most of the domestic duties and caregiving.  This personal experience affords me keen insight when helping determine what may be most beneficial for a professional woman and her family.

Professionally, during my Wall Street career I frequently advised individuals on life decisions and investment options that had a central and direct impact on their families, often with a woman as the primary decision maker.


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